Sunday, 2 February 2014

Statistical Analysis Of Web Browsers Usage

At one time, Internet Explorer was the only go-to web browser for most people. Microsoft designed, a lot of people hailed Internet Explorer as the superior web browser. The times have changed and now IE is not the mostly used web browser rather its even behind Chrome and Firefox.

Chrome is increasing very quickly in popularity with users of the internet. It was designed by Google, is very easy to use and has an interface that is consumer friendly. Similar to Firefox, Chrome has a fast and huge support of HTML5, and as a result allows web pages to load quicker and without design flaws.

Designed by Mozilla, Firefox has for a long time been a well-loved favorite with computer experts. Due to recent design changes, Firefox is starting to become appreciated more by consumers as well. Firefox is constantly enhancing its design.

In this short article I have tried to perform a statistical usage of web browsers based on the traffic of websites. Aim of this analysis is to see which web browsers are mostly used by users. It is also to be noted that users of this sample analysis are mostly from Pakistan and USA. So it may not be that accurate but it just gives a picture of what is going on with web browsers.

Below mentioned is the statistical data of my analysis;

Web Browsers
Percentage Usage
Internet Explorer
Mobile Safari

Below mentioned are the graphical pictures of this statistical data.


This analysis clearly shows that chrome is trending up and so other browsers have to come up with some new innovations to survive the competition.

P.S: This article is not written to discourage any product and is purely for research purposes.For more detailed analysis of web browsers, please visit

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