Saturday, 1 February 2014

Cloud Data Security And Searchable Encryption Technique

Cloud computing minimizes resource wastage risk by reducing the entrance barrier for cloud service providers.By extensive usage of cloud services unstructured data volume is increasing over it.Therefore security considerations to save data from hackers are also becoming a necessary aspect.Different encryption techniques are used to protect data on cloud.
With the commencement of cloud computing composite data management systems from local site are transformed to viable public cloud.Data owners are encouraged to outsource the data management system to public cloud to achieve flexible and commercial benefits. Cloud computing is all about transferring services,applications and data. Also attaining commercial assistances,location transparency, and centralized facilitation are the significant resources in cloud computing.
Cloud storage has the capability to save a bulk of data for a large number of users. This minimizes the storage capacity problem. To provide different competencies  multiple isolated applications and services are disseminated over the internet in cloud environment. When sensitive data storage is done on the cloud,existence of large number of users can cause cloud security to be affected. Thus for achieving data privacy complex data has to be outsourced on the cloud after encryption. Therefore to hide data from hackers and malicious attackers a protected system is needed.

Searchable encryption is a technique by which the outsourced data placed on cloud can be kept private. Searchable encryption will let this data to be difficult to hack when searched. With searchable encryption techniques encrypted data is placed on the cloud server on which search can be performed. Processing of encrypted data placed on cloud server is done without decrypting it. The encrypted data is placed on the cloud in the form of code words which are difficult to hack by unauthorized users or hackers. The encrypted data will be accessible by authenticated users only. These users will be able to perform search on this data and retrieve desired results.

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