Monday, 3 February 2014

Operation Against Polio: A Historic Initiative In Pakistan By PTI KPK Government

 In the recent fuss of operation or dialogue in Pakistan, meanwhile the government of the most affected province KPK has taken a historic initiative for the eradication of Polio by mobilizing more than thousands of its own party workers who vaccinated almost half a million children on the very first day of this historic drive. Volunteer services  for more than twelve thousands party workers were acquired by the ruling party in KPK ,Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, to achieve the target. It was a very daring step by the party and its own workers because of the recent series of attacks on Polio workers which killed many. So after these attacks no official workers were ready to carry on vaccination drive. In such a disastrous situation regarding Polio campaigns, PTI chairman Imran Khan took it as a challenge and vowed to eliminate the disease through his innovative programme ‘Sehat Ka Insaf’.

The main points of “Sehat Ka Insaf” programme include free vaccination against nine vaccine preventable diseases, including tuberculosis, polio, diphtheria, pertusis, tetanus, hepatitis ‘B’, haemophilus influenza, pneumonia and measles besides distribution of public health messages at the doorsteps of people.

Pakistan began the anti-polio campaign in 1994 when the World Health Organisation declared global emergency against the vaccine-preventable childhood ailment. Due to aggressive vaccination, the disease was eradicated from the entire world, but the virus still exists in three countries, including Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

The UN agencies, especially the Unicef and WHO which provided technical assistance to Pakistan, failed to put brakes on the disease because of the unrealistic strategies they pursued. Now, many health experts are saying that this decision of Imran Khan will be very effective.

Under the programme, the health department will also hold free medical camps where vouchers for free checkups and free medicines will be provided to people. Each child will receive vitamin A drops. Each family will receive hygiene kit, including soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towel, water container, etc. According to PTI General Secretary, Mr.Jahangir Tareen, approximately 3000 families visited Peshawar Sehat Ka Insaf special medical camps and received free medical treatment and medicines.2500 hygiene kits have also been distributed.               

I hope that this initiative of PTI government will achieve its 100% results.Hats off to PTI.      

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